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Prosperity Stock Report: Investing in the Canadian Stock Market Exchange

Sep 24, 2017

Richard Wadsworth is the CEO of Sonoro Energy, a Toronto Venture Exchange oil and gas publicly traded company (TSXV:SNV) focused on oil and gas exploration and production in South East Asia. Richard has 25 years of international oil and gas experience and plans to pursue the significant growth opportunity.

In this episode, Richard explains the significance of drilling in Southeast Asia and the ideal payout for these shallow focused reservoirs. Learn about the program risks and their future plans for development.






The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power - Daniel Yergin



005: Andrew Skafel – CEO Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.


Time Stamps:

01:40 - Future stocks plays

04:57 - Tenard at Bankers Petroleum & Richards work experience

11:20 - Why Indonesia?

15:15 - Spending 80 million on oil wells

19:19 - Technical delays and certified rigs

22:37 - Appraisal vs. exploration well

24:00 - Focusing on shallow drilling

26:00 - Drilling program risks

28:00 - Test productivity expectations

30:24 - Future plan for development

34:14 - Near-term outlook for the price of oil

35:18 - Gas potential in Indonesia

37:57 - Focusing on Southeast Asia

39:48 - Handling domestic oil

42:28 - Ideal payout for success


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